Hi! My name is Heather.

"f | I’m here to guide you through ethical field work! ma s m First lets make sure everyone understands the importance of pe a ethical work. C | See = Although it is not black and j white it is key to utilize an e e -—ethi Dg- CL] ewo A i =

conducting field work in order to- ii,

protect yourself, the participants, your fieldwork and the effect your fieldwork has on the community you studied.

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T l Lets begin! ___-


through the world of ethics with us!


Let’s Start at the Beginning Ħ

Ethical guidance: taken from professional associations and institutions board of ethics. Ñ

TTF When starting your fieldwork you must first take a look at the ethical guidance provided to you either by your institution (in

our case Leiden University) or a board of ethics. By first

aan Next let’s take a look at the different stances on

=“ ethics ieee | hat do you think? S z Universalism: Ethical standards are universal, there should s = i i not be deviations. i Situation ethics: In some situations ethical standards can > ———__j—_be-_put—asi ; | Ethical__transgression+:sSometimes_being—dishonest—is—_the——_________——-

Galy way TO Get fic cuba resultes Tor your research,

Consequential: Ethical decision-making should be based on the consequences.

Deontological: Actions are ethical when they are morally

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Anything- goes? Some betreve there shouta be etasticity a i vena e Cones to etae ece a Oa

Lets translate these

ideas into practice There are five Sa = main themes when $$, _it comes to as

social research

Cause no harm to participants ethics.

= Ensure Contidentmaliry

These are the most important factors to keep im mind throughows your fveldwork.


How do these principles translate into feasible work?

- Getting consent forms—from your-participants - Ensuring they are aware that they can end their pan a at any time j eke Sre per e patie ster Nha reer

research they are getting into

- Keep your participants out of harm's way, ~ alw j omfort and safety!

n Informed consent is easier said than done y

An important part of informed consent is fully explaining your research-to-the- research participants. Tailese is nort always easy since explaining certain parts of your research could affect how the participant behaves and contaminate results. Nevertheless ou should always inform participants to your best

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| Sometimes, askina Cor Consent Coville) ch esriiot The Course of am interaction.

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We have gone through the main ways to ensure ethical fieldwork. However it is important to remember that atthougi we have these

guidelines it is not always as

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Due to this ie ie impor rant to.

always go back to the guidelines provided to you and do-the- west you can to deat


The Importance of Understanding the road to Ethical TT;

a BN ee - Se —e nen Conducting your field work es ~~~ Guidance from oe white revisiting your e institutions and ethical guides to ensure an a associations £4 Main themes : aa Swnesis em One are tee gaan

ethical stances and you can translate as black and white and sense for you field work and aware whole conducting your f


Toot Once Again, the importance of ethics aP

The road to ethical fieldwork is full of guidance, however regardless of the amount of guidance provided-one- -of the- -most important things to- munde rstondikik icine. Tie Wola ey elles lois. ere Clie “C1ske as it seems.

One thing to remember is to always reflect on your options as a researcher, and to make sure you take the participants’ well-being into consideration. a ve a l =


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