LEGO Rock Raiders Desktop Themes

Version 1.0 26/04/1999


Minimum Graphics 7 Desktop Icons(32x32)

Set Desktop Appearance 3 Windows colour settings True-Type Font Desktop viewed as web page Window Header Design Desktop Logo Standard Desktop Background Image 640x480x256 800x600x16 million Mouse Pointers 6 pointers

Sounds 16 Standard Windows events PCM, 22,050 Hz, 16bit, stereo 19 Optional Windows events PCM, 22,050 Hz, 16bit, stereo

Approx. time-scale Graphics: 2-3 days assuming we use an existing True-Type font Sounds: 1-2 days, reusing current library of sounds Programming:


Common Icons (Windows 98) My Computer

Network Neighborhood Recycle Bin (full)

Recycle Bin (empty)

My Documents

Internet Explorer

Outlook Express


Desktop Appearance 1. Background Image 2. Inactive Window

3. Active Window

4. Window Text (font) 5. Background Colour


(* Has sound effect in Windows Default Scheme) Windows 98 Standard

1. Asterisk*

2. Close Program

3. Critical Stop*

4. Default sound*

5. Exclamation*

6. Exit Windows*

7. Maximize

8. Menu command

9. Menu popup

10. Minimize

11. New Mail Notification” 12. Open program

13. Program error

14. Question*

15. Restore Down

16. Restore Up

17. Select

18. Show Toolbar Band 19. Start Windows*

Windows Explorer

1. Complete Navigation 2. Empty Recycle Bin* 3. Move Menu Item

4. Start Navigation

Sound Recorder 1. Close Program 2. Open Program

Media Player 1. Close Program 2. Open Program

Microsoft NetMeeting

Person joins*

Person Leaves*

Receive Call*

Receive Request to Join*


Microsoft Office 1. Reminder*

Power Management 1. Critical Battery Alarm* 2. Low Battery Alarm*

Window Modes View as Web Page

View as Standard Window Mouse Pointers

Standard pointer Waiting (egg timer)

Help Resize Window 1 vertical 1 horizontal

1 diagonal

requires desktop logo and window display design optional font no extra work required other set colours and font